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Mind trained and prepared for any sporting circumstance, in the same way as the physique. Prevention of injuries and blockages.

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Current training is very focused on the physical and tactical part, and leaves aside the most important part of all: mental training.

When thoughts, emotions and the mind are trained, the player is prepared to face any challenge that may arise in the competition, and always performs at his best, he is “in the zone”. The brain is responsible for the player moving, running and positioning themselves appropriately. If you think excessively or in the wrong way, you inhibit the usual unconscious and automatic behavior, where the authentic knowledge accumulated over thousands of hours of practice is found. Mental training prevents blocks, game crises, and injuries and eliminates automatic negative thoughts. A large number of techniques and tools of diverse nature are used to achieve success. Mental training is like physical training, it is done every day.


In today's sport, the mental and emotional management of elite players and athletes is essential to achieve maximum performance.

When it comes to a team, for example, a soccer team, the so-called soft skills such as communication or leadership management are crucial to achieve objectives and a high performance with maximum wellbeing that leads to the team’s success. A lot of time is dedicated to the players’ physical and tactical training, when the component that leads both of them is the mental one: the brain is what commands the body to run and move, automatically, and even our thoughts and mood can predict injuries and its recovery.

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We apply neuroscience to achieve automation of movements and thoughts (mental training). The information provided through neuroscience allows us to corroborate that physical routines have been adequately learnt (that the player does not think on the field, that he acts because he has already been trained with his behaviour automated) and adapts the physical and mental training to the information.

Neuroscience helps improve the technical skills of athletes, obtaining data about their unconscious. We use different techniques, such as electroencephalogram, facial coding, implicit association test, virtual reality, and eye tracking. Measurements can be taken both in the field and in the office, without any interference in team trainings.

Programa de entrenamiento mental continuo, coaching deportivo, hipnosis clínica ericksoniana e intervención psicológica

Mental training is like physical training, it is done every day. The player is prepared and trained to face any situation, always performing in the zone, at the highest level. In this way, blockages, inappropriate moods, gaming crises and, of course, a large number of injuries are prevented.

We work to develop personality traits in line with the objective of maximizing performance, well-being and reducing those that may represent an obstacle or stop individuals and teams from their achievement.

Determination of profiles

By understanding the profile of the different players in a squad, you can complement the team with those traits they may need. For example, the lack of a player with leadership on the field can be a handicap for the team, but also the existence of a very high number. This information is crucial when incorporating new players into the squad.

Psychological tests from models verified by the scientific community are used, as well as neuroscience techniques (EEG, Facial Coding, ET), and Virtual Reality.

Specific programs for grassroots football. THE GOAL© METHOD

We help clubs detect which players have the best chance of pursuing a professional career. We develop programs to obtain players’ maximum performance through mental training.

We help athletes obtain mental and emotional well-being throrough their career. We have a registered method, GOAL©, to integrate psychology and mental training in a systematic way in a club's youth soccer teams.


Mikel Alonso

CEO Brain Data Sports
Profesor Universitario e investigador (UCM, UC3M…). Acreditado ANECA. Doctor cum laude, especialista en neurociencia aplicada al comportamiento. Autor libros y papers. Master psicología aplicada al deporte. Master coaching. Master en TI. Master en hipnoterapia clínica. D. Empresariales. Lic.informática. Psicólogo en proceso.

Tania Jauni

Director-Programs High Performance
A Clinical psychologist and Sports. Chemistry and researcher in molecular genetics (UK). Graduate in systemic and coaching. 15 years of experience in football.

Iñigo González

Technical Director of Communication
Sports journalist with experience in newspapers and TV: Diary Brand, TVE, Antena 3, Mediapro and Europa Press


By using the proper techniques, corroborated by the scientific community, the athlete can get out of your situation, locking, and perform at the highest level. In addition, there are tools to prevent this in the future, and to prevent it to happen again.

Yes. There is proven scientific evidence between the relationship of mental state, and somatization, and the occurrence of lesions both in athletes and in people who do not perform physical exercise regularly. In the case of elite athletes, performing a physical demand on the body, is much more common. Using the routines psychological appropriate, it can help you recover successfully, speeding up the process and avoiding relapses. Neuroscience provides key information to customize the treatment of the athlete.

Yes. As not all of the athletes perform the same physical routines and neither do they have the same diet, but should be appropriate to your body. Each person has unique strengths and points of improvement on the mental level, which is expected to work systematically and globally, without waiting to situations of loss of ability to execute their performance as athletes to be serviced by a professional.

It depends on each particular case, but you see the results from the first day. It is ideal to work a minimum of 6 months, due to that performed diagnostic tests by psychology and neuroscience, to develop a custom program, followed by maintenance sessions and update routines. It is recommended to perform periodic monitoring. The training of the mind should be treated as the physical, or other aspects of the athlete.

Yes. The mental training is critical for maximum performance and well-being. In an environment as competitive as the current one, the athlete must be prepared for the management of possible contingencies that may occur in your career, and focused on getting the maximum benefits. Many athletes leave their mental preparation at the mercy of the circumstances that may occur, without having the appropriate skills to cope with the events of his professional career. Using a mental training, systematic and comprehensive, the athlete dramatically increases their performance and well-being.

Yes. By using a specific program, help the front to get out of bad luck in front of goal, and in any case, to be able to increase your ability scorer. We build on the work on the psychology and the unconscious mind of the player, to release their potential and maximum performance.

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For the young promises

Mental training school

The importance of training not only physically but also mentally is even greater at an early age, to achieve thinking routines and mental skills that are crucial in the race to become a professional athlete and reach not only maximum performance, but also to apply everything in their lives, school, friends. Having a good sporting experience also prevents youth athletes from burn out and protects children from abandoning physical activity and a good environment to socialize.

We have different small groups, divided by age, in which we provide online training and mental training for young athletes, the same thing that they would do in extracurricular activities. In these weekly classes, they learn in a practical way to control their thoughts and emotions, to make the most of their abilities, and, above all, to take care of their mental health. This training will shape this young athletes’ behaviour throughout their lives, as they can also use it on a business and personal level. Groups from 12 years old. For more information, contact us…

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