Recovery from a mental block and/or injuries

Tailor-made programs to unlock athletes to achieve their maximum performance

Recovery and prevention of injuries, thanks to mental training and neuroscience.

Programs focused on individual players, professional and youth teams.

Players focused and playing at maximum performance throughout the season.

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The latest discoveries about the brain and the development of neuroscience innocuous technical equipment for measurement, provide essential information about the unconscious and the emotions of the players. In this way, scientific models can be used to measure fundamental aspects of a soccer player’s performance, such as motivation, stress, attention, resilience, focus, etc.

This data combined with the appropriate mental training allows us to create tailor-made psychological programs to ensure the athlete’s maximum performance and prevent mental fatigue and blocking. In addition, neuroscience helps to improve the technification of athletes, obtaining data of their unconscious, through different techniques such as visual attention.

We deliver tailor-made programs based on neuroscience and focused on maximizing the performance of athletes, through mental training.

Brain Data Sports services

Global Player Development

We help athletes with mental or physical blockage, such as injuries, through personalized scientific programs based on psychology and neuroscience. Strikers with bad streaks, goalkeepers or defenders with important mistakes, tennis players, golfers or individual athletes who need to regain their confidence and be competitive.

High Professional Performance

We apply psychology and neuroscience so that professional teams perform at their best through their mental training. We manage to create a team, we prepare athletes to face difficult seasons through mental fatigue management techniques. We achieve resilient and achievement-focused players.

Specific Programas for Sports Academies. GOAL©

We help clubs to detect which players are most likely to have a professional career. We develop programs to obtain maximum performance of players through their mental training. We help athletes obtain mental and emotional well-being in the process of growing as players. We have developed the GOAL© registered method to integrate psychology and mental training in a systematic way in the football club’s academy.

The most complete team of neuroscientists and psychologists

Dr. Mikel Alonso CEO Brain Data Sports
PhD neuroscience applied to behavior. Professor UCM/UC3M/ESIC, researcher. Top 100 Speakers Thinking Heads.

Tania Jauni.Director of High Performance Programs
Clinical and Sports Psychologist. Chemistry and researcher in molecular genetics (UK). Postgraduate in systemic and coaching. 15 years of soccer experience.

Iñigo González. Communications Technical Director
Sports journalist with experience in press and TV: Diario Marca, TVE, Antena 3, Mediapro and Europa Press


How can neuroscience and psychology help blocked athletes?

Through unblocking techniques corroborated by the scientific community, the athlete can get out of his blocked situation, and perform at the highest level. In addition, there are tools to prevent this situation in the future, and prevent a crash from happening again.

Can you speed up a player's recovery from injury and prevent setbacks with mental training?

Yes. There is scientific evidence on the relationship between mental state and somatization and the appearance of injuries both in athletes and in people who do not regularly exercise. In case of elite athletes, having a great physical demand, is more common. Through the appropriate psychological routines, you can successfully help recovery, accelerating the process and avoiding relapses. Neuroscience provides key information to personalize the treatment for the athlete.

Is it necessary for an athlete to follow a personalized mental training?

Yes. Just as not every athlete has the same physical training or the same diet, but one appropriate to their body. Every person has strengths and areas for improvement, which must be trained systematically and globally, instead of waiting for a thought situation to be attended by a professional.

How long do neuroscience and psychology programs last to unlock players or help them with injuries?

It depends on each particular case, but results can be seen since the first day.  The ideal is to work a minimum of 6 months, due to the fact that diagnostic tests are carried out through psychology and neuroscience, to develop a personalized program, followed by maintenance sessions and updating of routines. Regular monitoring is recommended. Mental training should be treated like physical, or other aspects of the athlete.

Can mental training improve the performance of an athlete and enhance his abilities?

Yes. Mental training is essential for maximum performance and well-being. In an environment as competitive as the current one, the athlete must be prepared to manage challenges that will happen in his career, and focused on obtaining maximum performance. Many athletes leave their mental preparation at the mercy of the circumstances that may occur, without having the appropriate techniques to face the events of their professional career. Through a systematic and global mental training, the athlete significantly increases his performance and well-being.

Can the striker of a football team recover his scoring ability or improve it thanks to psychology and neuroscience?

Yes. Through a specific area of the Global Player Development program, we help strikers to get out of bad streaks in front of goal, and in any case, to increase their scoring ability. We base ourselves on the work on the player’s psychology and unconscious, to unleash his potential and reach maximum performance.


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